Tool number 4 in action

March 2018, Rome, IT - The Italian teams that are piloting the Qual4T2 tools selected by the consortium of the project, have been exploiting the tool number 4 directly to plan the piloting itself. It is a tool proposed to support how to plan the meetings of each group and to set the main topics for each meeting, or, as the title itself suggests, the five elements that form a good team teaching teamwork.
Thus the Italian teams scheduled the following five meetings:
1.meeting Clear direction for the team: setting goals/directions/objectives of the group;
2.meeting Clear division of labour: the concrete annual planning with dates and tasks for each component;
3.meeting Teaching is a jointly affair: the class - progress of teaching planning, pedagogical and relational elements, multidisciplinary projects;
4.meeting Competency development in the team - Development of skills of trainers in relation to emerging needs in the classroom;
5.meeting Evaluation and valorization Meeting - What worked, what we need to improve.
The first impression, at least from a visual viewpoint, was that the tool fully respected the Deming cycle. As suggested in introduction to the tool, CIOFS-FP created sharing spaces in the collaborative internal platform each one titled as each meeting: this has allowed each member of the team to interact and up/down-load their own proposals, suggestions and / or simple notes to be shared with colleagues the day of the meeting. To date, the tool has proved to be effective.

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